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Legislative Open Records Act

The Legislative Open Records Act (LORA), enacted in 1975, defines and limits the public access to legislative records. Requests under LORA are handled exclusively by the Chief Administrative Officer and/or the Chief Counsel of the Assembly Rules Committee.

LORA provides for access to inspect and reproduce all legislative records not exempt under its terms. Requests under LORA shall be made in writing and must be submitted to the Chair of the Assembly Rules Committee.

LORA provides for review, reproduction, and access to all records not restricted under its terms and places time constraints on the Legislature's response. Normally the Assembly Rules Committee responds to LORA requests within three days when the Legislature is in session and 10 days when the Legislature is not in session.

The Assembly Rules Committee compiles and publishes the Annual Expenditure Report in November. The Annual Expenditure Report shows expenditures for Members and committees in a number of categories and contains information covered by the Legislative Year ending the previous November.

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